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20 Ağustos 2010

Steam Fueled Radio [A Radio Project]

Dear ladies and gentlemen, members of our lovely community. We're the crew of Airship Lenora. It's a cargo airship and we cruise in an alternate world history.

It's 21st century, year 2010. But we're still using steam power and the World War II is at the bay. As you may expect everything is different here. Most of the boundaries of the countries have changed, so are the countries. We have Imperial Russia, Ottoman Empire, Republic of Portugal, Social Democratic Balkan Union, Spanish Republic, Terra America and many more. France has a Paris Wall dividing it into two and is fighting for its freedom.

In this entire new world the man who is responsible for this finds a World War Zeppelin and fixes it, totally losing his memory of changing everything and the existence of a time machine. He gathers a crew (us) and they (we) all set sail to new adventures on the Airship Lenora.

Even though Airship Lenora has its basic crew (us), it's still hiring and there are many important job openings (for you) like we still need a surgeon, a cook and more deckhands. Out of boredom, the current crew (us) has established the Steam-Stream Radio and newcomer crew (you) will be able to broadcast their own shows.

If we return to reality;
The Radio Shows are about the stories of the characters, they will be like radio plays, also every character will have their own genre; like the Mechanic Skreech will play industrial/experimental, while the Gambler  Jacqueline will prefer saloon and jazz. Also every character will be writing their own journals in the blog page. We're looking for hardcore roleplayers who will accept to spend time on the project "seriously". There will be recordings of the plays, serious time will be spent of the scripts and the texts, also the montage and the additions of the sound fx. 

On the other side, if you wish to learn more you can watch the blog and follow us on twitter!

Your Sincerely,
The Crew of Airship Lenora

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