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12 Şubat 2011

Once upon a time...

...there was a little, lovely girl
who lived in a sunflower field with her nameless friend.
They made tiaras with daisies,
created blue butterflies with their tiny hands
and slept under the great willow trees.

One day she slept and never woke up.
Her dreams grew up and became two different one,
a maker and a destroyer.
The Maker creates a whole world
and the Destroyer destroys all of them.
The Maker creates again
and the Destroyer destroys again.
They follow each other
and they always run away from each other.

Then... one day,
they decided to stay together,
for awhile.
They just wanted to try.

So, let them try.


Radio Program: 12.02.2011 - 10 pm (GMT+2)

02 Ocak 2011

Test Streams!


Airship Lenora is about to depart from the harbour!
All passengers to the deck!

Our test broadcast has just began with Skreech!

Radio plays, music, steampunk & much more!
Don't miss it!

All Week
10 pm (GMT+2) / 3 pm (GMT-5)



Airship Lenora limandan ayrılmak üzere!
Tüm yolcular güverteye!

Skreech ile test yayınları başladı!

Radyo piyesleri, müzik, steampunk ve çok daha fazlası!
Don't miss it!

Tüm Hafta
22:00 - İstanbul/Türkiye (GMT+2)
15:00 - NY/USA (GMT-5)